The Summer of Someone’s Youth

This is the summer of someone’s youth

The summer they will recall

When resting uneasy and infirm

In the winter of their days

They will conjure up scenes

Thick with light and heat

The green world swollen

To bursting with life

Let loose upon the world

In a time they could afford to take for granted

Ever present but barely aware of all the beauty and loved ones

Around them, still alive

They will recall the smell of barbeque, sunburned beach trips, eager, tender first kisses

Mowing grass for nothing but spending money

Nights full of frog song and lightning bugs

Romps through pastures and wooded trails with a favored dog

They will come to know that life

Holds nothing more pleasant for them

Than these days, cured by time, like ripe tobacco or dried wood

Into a remembrance of something better than they deserve


©2020 Lenny Wells

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