About the Author

My name is Lenny Wells and by day I am Professor of Horticulture and Extension Pecan Specialist at the University of Georgia based on the UGA Tifton Campus in Tifton, GA. Aside from that I farm a little over 100 acres of pecans on my family’s farm. In my job I write frequently about pecans and you can find that in lots of places with a quick internet search. But I like to write in general and have been doing so for a while now. This is just an outlet for those writings—thoughts and reflections in the form of essays and poems.

I am trained as a scientist and while I routinely write scientific papers and have even written a book on the history of pecans (See here if interested), I have no formal background in writing or poetry except a love for reading and books. I readily admit the writings you find here do not conform to any of the rules of poetry structure and will make no promises regarding even good grammar and punctuation. These are just my thoughts and reflections on paper (or I suppose more appropriately in the electronic ether). Most of the topics you will find here center around the every day happenings of life, mostly from a rural perspective. I don’t know if or why anyone would read these, but if you stumble upon them, I hope you enjoy them.