A Swarm of Bees

I saw, in passing, along the field road today

A swarm of honeybees upon a walnut limb

Crawling over their queen, enraptured by the command of her scent

They long for the scout’s return

From his buzzing of the woods and fields

In search of a new castle for the Queen-Mother

What strange force of nature

Or invisible shift in the earth

Drove the homelessness of this swarm

For they and their kind are failing,

In our own failure, perhaps, to know

Of a change standing up in the world

On the legs of a mite-filtered virus, set free

By the modern exchange

On which the honeybee rode ‘round the world

A strange sickness, driving workers toward lonely deaths, unnatural

In fruitless attempt to save

Colony, queen , and home

Or man-made plant-borne poisons

Traced in the quickening pollen

All these impoverishing the larder of the land

But I think its something more deeply wrong in the world

A wrong marked by men creating mechanical bees

To fulfill the task of pollination

In an absence not yet come

While the honeybee dances a last dance

To the sound of the land crying

This swarm, a revelation

Of so fragile a thing as life in a grace-starved world

The clustered wings make a familiar rumbling,

Becoming too faint a rumbling to hear


©2019 Lenny Wells

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